About 1 Month Ago

Even better email tests 📦

Email tests got a full rebuild from the ground up. You can how set the subject, toggle whether the test should thread inside of Gmail, and quickly add recipients from the recent recipients or auto complete any email address you've used before!

Premium users can create groups of email addresses, perfect for sending an email to your review team or grouping your testing inboxes.

About 1 Month Ago

Email formatting

Parcel now formats your email code, including MSO comments.

About 2 Months Ago

Capture Screenshots

You can now capture a screenshot of the preview with a single click!

3 Months Ago

Conditional comment formatting

Code inside of conditional comments get properly formatted when using the 'prettify' transformer.

3 Months Ago

Preview enhancements 🔏

The preview has been updated with a few improvements:

  • The preview is securely sandboxed
  • Updates occur without a white flash between versions
  • Image blocking now blocks all remote resources, which is closer to the effect that turning images off has in the inbox.

The preview functionality is open source: https://github.com/useparcel/boxcutter